Today was a long day.

Today was a long day.

Firstly, I had a geology lab exam at 8 a.m…right after sleeping for only four hours due to last minute studying.

Straight from the exam, I walked to my JEP location. Then, I volunteered at the Swipes for the Homeless Booth for over two hours in 90 degree weather. In direct sunlight. No shade included.

From there, I went to class and then spent another two hours volunteering for Swipes.

To conclude this already wonderful day, I worked on econ homework, successfully getting myself more confused about the topics  than I had been before I even began the assignment.

Needless to say–it was a very long day.


Recently, I’ve been working on complaining. I’ve noticed that whenever anything happens in my life that I deem frustrating, annoying, tiring, or unnecessary, I immediately find something negative to share with others about it, whether this be on my twitter, through a text, or through random angry rampages. Today, I found so many moments and times where I would begin to complain and immediately had to remind myself of the good. For example, despite the fact that my lab exam was slightly awful, it was the last time I’d have to wake up early on a Wednesday. Even though the walk to JEP was hot and tiring, I got to see my favorite kiddos for the last time. Even though I got dehydrated sitting outside and volunteering, I was doing something to help better to lives of others. Looking at these things, which I would have previously complained about, in a positive light helped me realize how many great things were happening around me, things that I hadn’t even noticed or acknowledged before.

Not complaining is hard, and it’s going to be a lengthy process to reduce how often I complain. But I’m willing to accept this challenge.



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