Cheesy Girl Post of the Day.

In case anyone cares, here is a bucket list of things that I’d really enjoy doing with my future hubster:

Driving up PCH and appreciating our beautiful surroundings.

Road tripping across the country and seeing random tourist attractions in each of the states we pass.

Spending a week sans technology in a remote cabin. Books, warm blankets, warm fires, and cuddles.

Swimming in a random lake or river in some even more random European country. Find a waterfall and kiss underneath it.

Making a fort in our future home and watching a movie and/or sleeping underneath it.

Go to the zoo. Often.

Buy/wear matching bracelets.

have date night once every two weeks, and when we get busier, once a month.

HP Marathon. Duh.

Build a treehouse for our kiddos

Watch 26 movies in 26 days, each starting with a letter from the alphabet

Put a hammock in our backyard.

Stargaze/dance in the street.


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