8 Reasons You Keep Finishing 2nd Place – In Life

Thought Catalog

Sports are more than a billion dollar industry. They’re more than a hobby, more than a profession, or even an event. For many, they are the foundation in which we build our personal character and work ethic. It would be impossible to calculate the amount of time I dedicated in a gym, on a field, or even in the backyard playing catch with dad.

At the time, I was simply playing a game I loved. Not aware of the influences my coaches made or the lessons they instilled. At 26, I’ve faced endless obstacles, endured multiple failures while appreciating every accomplishment along the way. Sports prepared me for the wins and losses of an adult, the heartbreak of defeat and the joy of victory.

Most importantly, the lessons I learned throughout my sports career transitioned right into the real world even after I pealed my jersey off for the last…

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