Week Three: Progress Report

The last three weeks have been…well, great. I’ve gotten to spend a large amount of time with my friends, with my family, and I’ve been able to go on random adventures with friends, both new and old. I’ve also watched way too many episodes of The Office, and spent far too much time on Pinterest and Tumblr.

Despite this, I’ve really struggled with a few of the goals that I had set for myself. I haven’t finished a book, I’ve gained weight, rather than losing it, and I’ve eaten so much junk food that it’s embarrassing.

On a brighter note, I’ve been really good with time management. I’ve also been pretty good with keeping up a good appearance. I’ve found little things to keep me busy, like volunteering at my church and school.

Reading through this, I guess I could say that I’ve had some progress. Not in the areas that I had most hoped for, but that’s my own fault. I need to be more responsible with how and what I eat, and making sure that I work out as often as I can. I still have 64 days until school starts. I don’t know about you think, but I’d say that’s still plenty of time for me to still make some changes.


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